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Central-control Hydraulic Shower Trolley

PremierII- TBX05S


Length195 cm
Width80 cm
Height53~85 cm±3%
All Size and Spec can be customized


 Product Introduction: 
  • Structure is made of Stainless steel and processed with powder coating.
We insist in adopting stainless steel to provide better user experience even though the material and machine cost is much higher.
Furthermore, we believe stainless steel is more eco-friendly than plain steel and plastic.
Stainless steel is much more durable than plain steel and plastic, which means we do not need to replace the stretchers due to rust or broken. Replacement of the stretchers will absolutely create waste and polution.
  • Equipped with 6" central locking castor (inclusive of central controlled Brake & Free & Steer system)
  • Convenient brake and steer pedals are attached to the FOUR sides
Central-control brake and steer system helps to reduce caregiver's stress and increase working efficiency.

  • Patient can lie down in each direction. Both ends has hose to drain
  • Hydraulic pedestal regulating the elevation easily controlled by foot pedal attached on both sides.

  • Unique retractable guide wheel optimizes traction and cornering helping to reduce caregiver strain while improving overall mobility
  • Two hooks for drainage bag attached to each side rail

  • Trend & Rev. Trend Function controlled by gas springs attached at both ends
  • High density & strength cushion with inner fiber which is easy to clean and disinfect
  • Bedplate can be leant in order to dry
This helps to prevent the breeding of germs
  • Industry leading warranty provides 3 year parts and a lifetime weld warranty


 Maximum weight limit 240 kg (529 lbs)
 Overall length 195cm
 Overall width 80 cm (Side rails up)
 Bedplate width 67cm
 Height from floor to deck 53 cm (lowest) to 85 cm (highest)
 Siderail length 192 cm
 Siderail height above deck 19 cm
 Mattress size(inner) 54 cm x 170 cm
 Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg 5°
 Castor size 6" (15.24 cm)